PIPEROID Paper Craft Kit

PIPEROID is a paper craft kit to assemble a figure using pre-rolled paper pipes just by cutting, folding, and connect the pipes without any tape or glue!

DINOROID – Walking Wooden Dinosaurs

DINOROID is a motorized wooden dinosaur craft kit that can walk after assembly! The package includes wooden sheets with parts that simply pop out along with motor that makes it easy to put together without requiring any tools. Walking & Roaring T-REX Walking & Roaring Mammoth The package includes 7 sheets of wood sheets consisting of […]


PLAY-DECO series consists of various wood craft kits that aims to add a little fun to your daily life.


Just snap, click, and insert the pieces to create a robot, dinosaur or anything you can dream of from big to small!


16 Styles Available There are 16 styles currently available, and each Cube Figure package contains head, body, arms, legs, mouth, and nose pieces to build one of the predesigned styles. It also comes with a accessory piece which could be used as a strap to take it with you on the go! Create Your Original! […]


Sticky memos to bring those special messages. Messages can be hidden with their wings/hands, and by folding the legs they can even stand up!


CraftClub is a new form of paper craft that uses special fiber craft-paper – it softens when wet and hardens when dry.


Pit Land naturally trains your balancing and concentration skills through balancing the steel pieces on top of each other using the power of a strong magnet in the base.


Pepastars are flexible construction pieces made of recycled paper which can revolve freely around their joints.

Sentol Bottle Opener

Push, click, and pop! SENTOL is a bottle opener with patented pop mechanism allowing one to remove a bottle cap by simply pushing down on the bottle with a spring action.* Bottom of the opener includes a magnet to keep the cap from falling off after opening. * Compatible with most standard beer bottles. However some brands […]