Casual Wood Craft Kit

junko_settingPLAY-DECO series consists of various wood craft kits that aims to add a little fun to your daily life. Each package includes wooden sheet with die cut parts and in some products a perforated paper sheet which makes the kit very easy to assemble without the need of any tools.


Assembly Time: < 15 min.

junko_buildJust pop the pieces out from the base, assemble, and you can build one model in less than 15 minutes!

Since no glue is used in connecting the parts, many of the joints such as hands and feet of a character can move so you can set them in your favorite pose. For example, figures in PLAY-DECO characters combo line can even sit inside their car/airplane!

Create your Original!


Download extra textures for free from the PLAY-DECO characters web site and print them on a cardstock paper! Find items and new designs that are not part of the original package, as well as templates to create your own design!

With the PLAY-DECO Greeting cards, you can write your personal message before sending the card out and have the recipient display the note instead of the character’s face!



TamaroPop out the wooden pieces and combine them with the included perforated paper sheet to create your favorite figure You can even download paper templates and design your own original character!


PLAY-DECO GreetingWrite a personal note on the mini message card and send it along with the wooden board that turns into a robot that can hold your message! [More]


Fire Truck

Let PLAY-DECO Work Vehicles help organize your work around the desk! These desk accessories are all made from wood and can be quicly assembled without any glue or scissors. [More]