PLAY-DECO Characters

Pop out the wooden pieces and combine them with the included perforated paper sheet to create your favorite figure. You can even download paper templates and design your own original character!

Package Contents

  • Perforated paper sheet (texture), pre-cut wood sheet (bone)
  • Material: paper and wood
  • Package Size: 6″x 6″ (single), 6″ x 12″ (combo)
  • Assembled Size: 1.2″ x 1.5″ x 3″ (estimate)
PLAY-DECO - combo

Combo Set

PLAY-DECO - single

Single Set

Combo Sets

Postman & Wagon

Often delivers late as he knows and talks with everyone in town.
(Note: wagon can hold cards and other small items)

Kenji & Airplane

A young entrepreneur always travelling on the private jet.

Junko & Supercar

Loves to drive FAST. She actually needs glasses to drive.

Nancy & Sexy Shark

Wild girl travelling around the world.

Owlman & Owlmobile

A mysterious superhero who appears at night.

Single Sets


Loves music, nature, and animals. Her monkey and parrot always fight over the best spot (on top of her head).


Calling himself the robot who keeps peace on Earth, Robosuke often is surrounded by cats as the heat from the machinery is just right for them.


As Tamaro the cat travels without plans, searching for his place of comfort, several birds have started following him.


A wandering rapper, Break always carries around his boom box and shouts his heart out to the beat!


Coming from underworld, Devio likes to see frowning faces on people. He works his way out to play tricks on people with his apprentice bat.