Just Cut, Fold, and Connect

PIPEROID paper robots

PIPEROID is a paper craft kit designed and produced in Japan. The figures are made out of just paper pipes with pre-drilled holes and marks to cut, fold, and connect the pipes without the need of glue or tape. All you need is a pair of scissors, and with minimal assembly you can bring your own PIPEROID to life!

Expand Your Imagination

PIPEROID paper robotsRemember the days when you made paper crafts as a kid? Piperoid brings back all the same excitement to us at the same time stimulating your creativity buried deep inside.

When was the last time you made paper crafts that you can brag about? Many components of PIPEROID can either move or be swapped with other PIPEROID’s body parts. Expand your imagination and make your own original PIPEROID!

Product Series


PIPEROID paper robots - Smoke & BillThe Characters series consists of our original characters where you can build 2 or 3 robots from a single package. We release new designs every 6 months and have started to discontinue older styles – making them perfect as both gifts and collectables! [More]


PIPEROID paper robots - Mantis HarryThe Classics consists of the first five PIPEROIDs that were ever designed and released to the market. Unlike the character series where each package builds 2 or 3 robots, each package of the classics series builds a single robot that is slightly larger when assembled. [More]


PIPEROID paper robots - Miku & LukaThe Friends series is a result of partnership with third parties who we have worked together to bring licensed characters to the world of PIPEROID. [More]


A spin-off from the robot series, the Animals series lets you build your favorite pets using paper pipes! The first release include five cute dogs; Beagle, Miniature Dachshund, French Bulldog, Miniature Schnauzer, and Shiba Inu. [More]