Assembly Tips


TIP 1: Prepare

make_1All you need is a pair of scissors and six paper pipes that comes with the package. No glue nor tape is necessary. Be sure to read through the instructions before proceeding.

TIP 2: Cut

make_2Cut the pipes along the double lines (classics) or white line (characters) with a pair of scissors.

TIP 3: Fold

make_3_1make_3_2Flatten the pipes before folding. Solid lines indicate a mountain fold (A) and dotted lines indicate valley fold (B). It may be easier to fold by first making a mark on the line using a nail or rulers.

TIP 4: Connect

make_4_2It is easier to connect the pipes by slighly turning it as you insert the pipe into the hole. If necessary, squeeze the end of the pipe a little bit to get it through the hole.

TIP 5: Joints

make_5_2make_5_1When connecting joints, check to make sure that the inner flap of the pipe is not loose. If so, adjust the inner flap position so that it is closer to the inner wall as shown here by the black line.

TIP 6: Enjoy!

Muscle JoeIt should take approximately 30 minutes to an hour for the whole assembly process. Try swapping parts from different PIPEROIDs to create your own, or put them in your office or cabinet as a cute interior item! Enjoy the world of PIPEROID!