Frequently Asked Questions


I have never seen something like this before. Have they been around for long?

PIPEROIDs are designed and inspired by designer Takashi Tsunoda in Japan. Original PIPEROID classic models were released in 2006 and were very popular in Japan. The original PIPEROIDs were made by hand(!) which limited the production capacity and its reach to the rest of the market.

Since then we’ve made many advancements in the manufacturing process including invention of the paper rolling machine* as well as laser precise hole punchers** that has allowed us to increase the production capacity to sell globally. And yes, these are all patented globally.

* Rolling the paper to form the pipe takes extra precaution and accuracy so the end seams line up perfectly.

** The holes need to be precisely drilled perfectly in order for the pipes to make the perfect snug fit which allows the joints to move but hold its position.


Is there an instruction on how to make them?

Yes, each packet includes a simple to follow pictorial instruction sheet (in both English and Japanese) like the one you see below.

PIPEROID sample instruction sheet


Who are the target demographic? Is it only for kids?

We have fans all over the age group –  from small kids who just started using scissors to seniors who love crafting! Teenagers and young adults love to read the background stories of each characters and collect them on their desktop. We also hear from many women who love the product either for themselves or as a gift – as proven by the fact that we have more than handful of fashion boutiques and jewelry stores carrying them!


Is it hard to assemble? I don’t have any artistic talent.

If you can use a pair of scissors, you can build one! The pictorial instructions tell you exactly where to cut and which pieces to combine. The only tricky part (especially for smaller kids) may be putting the pipes through the holes. As the pipes are designed to be snug fit, you would want to drill them into the holes (instead of trying to push the pipes through). Click HERE to check out some assembly tips to get you all ready!


How old do you recommend for kids to assemble themselves?

We label the product for age 10+ which should be old enough for them to be careful to put the pipes together. However, this is also a great bonding project with kids who have just start using scissors and learn to read numbers (about age 6). It’ll help train their fine motor skills and may inspire their creativity, and best of all it keeps them away from digital media for a change! The activity is just long enough for their attention span, and they certainly enjoy taking part of the project whether it be cutting, folding, or simply finding the right pipes.


How long does it take to build one?

It generally takes less than 30-40 minutes to complete one packet consisting of either one or two robots.


Which ones are the easiest to make? How about the hardest?

The basics in building the robots are all the same, so the difficulty is all about the same. However some styles require smaller pieces than others, so if your hands are big they may be a bit harder to assemble than others. Check out this page on tips on assembly.


Will you have other new models in the future?

Yes, we release new models every 6 months. Please check back on this website regularly for latest information on PIPEROIDs.